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Google’s Cloud Platform is cool stuff

Posted on 31 januari 2018 By Sander Rodenhuis

Yesterday I attended the Google Cloud Onboard training in Amsterdam. Except for the silly jokes on using real clouds for cloud computing and developing a program to use Dutch windmills.. read more

How I prepared for the Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-532) exam

Posted on 24 januari 2018 By Sander Rodenhuis

Two weeks ago, I did the Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-532) exam and I failed! I got 685, but you need 700 to pass. That was a disappointment, to say.. read more

How to show a custom error page when instances in AWS ELB are unavailable

Posted on 20 november 2017 By Sander Rodenhuis

[updated] What if you would like to use a custom error page in case all instances behind an (classic) AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) are unavailable (in case of maintenance)?.. read more

Risks and implications of a multi cloud strategy

Posted on 19 november 2017 By Sander Rodenhuis

At the ‘Structure 2017’ conference in San Francisco, Microsoft Azure chief technology officer Mark Russinovich said that Avoiding Cloud Lock-In is risky too (read the article here). Of course, Mr… read more

Experiences using Azure Web App on Linux

Posted on 4 november 2017 By Sander Rodenhuis

Recently I was asked to host a web application in Azure Web App (PaaS). While configuring the Web App including using a custom Docker image, I ran into some issues… read more

Best practices for selecting hardware for a Vmware VSAN cluster

Posted on 3 november 2017 By Sander Rodenhuis

Some time ago I had to write an RFP to select a new hardware platform for a new private cloud solution based on Vmware VSAN 6.2. In this post I.. read more

Using AWS CloudFormation Designer and AWS Service Catalog

Posted on 21 oktober 2017 By Sander Rodenhuis

Let’s say you want to offer the ability for developers (or a thirty party) to provision a development environment based on the organizations standards and compliancy requirements. You can do.. read more

Veeam Backup & Recovery 9.5 and Azure Backup server compared

Posted on 20 mei 2017 By Sander Rodenhuis

Storing VMware VM backup copies in Azure: Veeam Backup & Recovery and Microsoft Azure Backup Server compared. When implementing a 3-2-1 backup strategy, one backup needs to be stored offsite… read more

VMware Cloud on AWS. What will it bring us?

Posted on 17 maart 2017 By Sander Rodenhuis

Last year VMware together with AWS announced a new offering: VMware Cloud on AWS or VMC. They say it’s a unique new offering, where you can run the same VMware.. read more

Recent S3 service disruption reason for a hybrid strategy?

Posted on 5 maart 2017 By Sander Rodenhuis

A week ago AWS suffered a major S3 service disruption in its US-EAST-1 region. What struck me this week was the amount of posts (mainly hardware vendors) saying this is.. read more