About Me.

Welcome to my all cloud blog, lookbeyond.nl. My name is Sander Rodenhuis. I work as a freelance consultant/IT architect in the field of (private, hybrid and public) cloud computing.

Since 1986, when I bought my fist computer (an Atari 65XE), I have been interested in IT. After some detours (6 years in the Dutch military) I started my professional career in IT in 1999. During the last 12 years I worked as a IT architect, focusing on IT infrastructure and designing private, hybrid and public cloud solutions. Staying up to date with all developments and new technologies around cloud computing is a hell of a job. Although I try to be a generalist, I mainly focus on cloud security, cloud governance, VMware, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

In my blogs I share my experiences and thoughts. Everything I post on this blog is based on my personal opinion and not sponsored in any way. Follow me on twitter (@SanderRodenhuis) and LinkedIn.